Darwin is a teenage genius who’s always looking for the next adventure. Darwin along with his best friend Max the T. Rex are always ready to help anyone on the island. Though their actions often put them in… misadventures as well. Darwin is obsessed with all things dinosaurs since he was very young. He is currently under the apprenticeship of Professor Arkean.

Maximus (aka Max)

Maximus, or Max, is a young Tyrannosaurus Rex. When Max was very young, the other carnivores often bully him. One stormy night, little Max was cold and all alone when suddenly Darwin took him to his lab and gave him his scarf. Since then, Max always follow Darwin wherever he goes. Now that he’s bigger and stronger he protects Darwin from the other carnivores.

Professor Arkean​

A wise but very eccentric scientist. Once he was a respected member of society, but he was shunned because of his crazy theory. He believed that all cryptid sightings in the world are just dinosaurs who came into our time through a crack in time and space. And he was correct! He found a stable crack in time on an island and brought dinosaurs to live there with him.


One of the first dinosaur to be brought to the island. Lisa is an adult female Triceratops. She is big and gentle. She often lets other smaller creatures such as insects and birds to hop on he back and horns. She is also very protective of her son Leo and her friends.


Archimedes, or Archie as Darwin calls him, is an adult male Titanosaurus. He is extremely huge and he has troubles with the landscape of the island. Sometimes it feels like he’s just too big for the island. He’s also very clumsy. He often has lots of vines stuck to his head and neck without him realizing.


All Pachycephalosaurs have thick and hard skulls, but Pascal is hard headed through and through. He is a loner who likes to be left alone in his own little corner on the island. However, the other dinosaurs would disturb him quite often, which made him very cranky.

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